2020 Schedule of Matches

PCGC is excited to announce its schedule of matches for 2020. We will be holding a Mid-Range Regional in which, as an NRA registered match, scores will be eligible for national records. Additionally, several classics such as a 1,000 point aggregate (across the course) as well Garand, Springfield, and Vintage rifle matches and pistol (along with rifle) Excellence-In-Competition (EIC aka LEG) matches.

See here for a list of the matches. Also check out the website calendar Upcoming Events and change “view as” to list or month, depending upon your preference.

Programs are available as follows:

Monthly Highpower Matches; Monthly Mid-Range Prone Matches; Mid-Range Prone Regional; Highpower Extravaganza Pre-registration is open for the Regional and Extravaganza so get your entries in before the range is at capacity!

Also scheduled is the Texas Service Rifle Championship 29-31 May; program will be posted when available.

Intersted in competing? Come out to a match, introduce yourself and we will set up a time/date to give you a detailed orientation.

Four States, Two-Man Team Championships – Results

On the weekend of 23-24 November, Panola County Gun Club (the Club) hosted its second Four States, Two-Man Team Championships. Forty-four teams (eighty-eight competitors) from all over Texas as well as Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and as far away as Arizona – well more than four states! – gathered for some friendly competition in support of the Club. All braved the chilly mornings and challenging conditions with the final results in question until the last shots were fired. An entire new group of teams claimed champion titles in three divisions: F-Class Open, F-Class Target Rifle, and Highpower Rifle.

This year’s results are here (HP revised 11/27).

Additional photos: Candids and Awards: F-Open, FTR, and HP.

Panola County Gun Club greatly appreciates Mr. Skip Barkley for all his efforts organizing and hosting another great tournament. The Club thanks all those who assisted Mr. Barkley and everyone who traveled and competed in this event. We hope to see y’all next year for our third match-up.