Cancelled: 4-5 April Matches

The matches scheduled for this weekend, 4-5 April, have been cancelled.  

The Club’s Board of Directors made this decision after thorough review of Governor Abbott’s Executive Order, limiting the size of social gatherings to less than ten (10), the travel restrictions on entering Texas, and the now foregone conclusion that the Executive Order will be extended past its current expiration of 11:59 p.m. on 3 April.

This decision was not made lightly, but the Board believes it is the right thing to do for the safety of all our members and guests.

The range is still open for use by members; please continue to be safe and act in safe manner. 

600-YD Berm Maintenance

The 600-yard impact and safety berms received some intensive maintenance efforts the last weekend of March 2020. Thanks to the very skilled efforts of two club members, heavy equipment worked on top of the impact berm to remove the number boards and old hay bales. They then brought up fill material and packed it into the face of the berm and placed new hay bales across the top. Other club members acted as safety guides for the equipment; painted, repaired, and reset the number boards back into position; and used shovels and chainsaws where needed. The safety berm also received additional fill material. Finally, some road repairs and clearing of parking areas were also made along the range as well as in the pit area.

The general sequence of the efforts described above can be seen in the photos here (note this is a large file, so give it a minute to load). A big thank you to all involved!

2020 Match Update

The CMP Extravaganza has been rescheduled from 3-5 April to 4-6 September. The program has been updated accordingly. For those that pre-registered, your checks will be destroyed unless you notify Danny A. otherwise (contact info in the program).

The normal schedule of monthly matches will be held with the Highpower Across the Course on Saturday and the Mid-Range Prone on Sunday of the first full weekend of the month. The events page as well as the programs have been updated accordingly.

MR Range Prone Regional Results

Friday’s Team match started out a little crisp, but warmed up nicely with some challenging mirage switches later in the day. Final team results are here.

Saturday started a little warmer than Friday, but jackets were still in fashion. Lighting conditions were a little tougher today, but lots of high X counts, not to mention scores. Let’s see who keeps it together for the final aggregate at the end of Sunday. Day 1 scores are here.

Sunday arrivals were mostly in the dark thanks to the time change, but the day was clear which provided good lighting for the start of the match. A strong breeze came in around lunch-time which stirred things up a bit, still calm heads prevailed and Day 2 scores were high as evidenced here.

Grand Aggregate results here (updated 3/23).

Photos: Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team Awards Indiv 1 Indiv 2 Indiv Awards

2020 Schedule of Matches

PCGC is excited to announce its schedule of matches for 2020. We will be holding a Mid-Range Regional in which, as an NRA registered match, scores will be eligible for national records. Additionally, several classics such as a 1,000 point aggregate (across the course) as well Garand, Springfield, and Vintage rifle matches and pistol (along with rifle) Excellence-In-Competition (EIC aka LEG) matches.

See here for a list of the matches. Also check out the website calendar Upcoming Events and change “view as” to list or month, depending upon your preference.

Programs are available as follows: Monthly Highpower Matches; Monthly Mid-Range Prone Matches; Mid-Range Prone Regional photos and results here; Highpower Extravaganza (program revised 3/17/20)

Also scheduled and programs to be posted when available, are:

  • Texas Service Rifle Championship 29-31 May;
  • 3rd Annual Four-States, Two-Man Team Championship 10-11 October;
  • Texas Highpower Rifle Championship TBD Fall

Intersted in competing? Come out to a match, introduce yourself and we will set up a time/date to give you a detailed orientation.