CMP Home Range Appreciation Series: 3-6 September

Update: 10/3/20: The CMP featured Panola County’s Highpower Extravaganza in its Club News published on September 28, 2020. Read the complete article here.

Update 9/15/20: The results from the CMP Home Range Series (nation-wide are in) see results here. PCGC saw 3 of its members in the top ten with one 4th overall! The top four competitors are invited to the Talladega 600 later this fall to compete as the White Oak 2020 Civilian Team.

All eligible competitors will receive their CMP Appreciation Series T-shirts in coin via the mail directly from CMP after 1 October.

Final results for all events/relays are here (updated 2237, 20200911). Please notify the match director or webmaster if there are any concerns/errors.

PCGC thanks all competitors for their participation and excellent sportsmanship. We enjoyed hosting you and hope to see you back soon.

Candid photos from the matches are here.

2020 Schedule of Matches

PCGC is excited to announce its schedule of matches for 2020. We will be holding a Mid-Range Regional in which, as an NRA registered match, scores will be eligible for national records. Additionally, several classics such as a 1,000 point aggregate (across the course) as well Garand, Springfield, and Vintage rifle matches and pistol (along with rifle) Excellence-In-Competition (EIC aka LEG) matches.

Check out the website calendar Upcoming Events and change “view as” to list or month, depending upon your preference. Programs are available as follows: Monthly Highpower Matches (updated 5/5/20); Monthly Mid-Range Prone Matches (updated 5/5/20); Mid-Range Prone Regional photos and results here; Highpower Extravaganza (rescheduled to 3-6 September; program expanded & revised 6/4/20)

Also scheduled and programs to be posted when available, are:

  • 3rd Annual Four-States, Two-Man Team Championship 13-14 June (new date) – program here
  • Texas Service Rifle Championship 23-25 October (rescheduled date); – program here
  • Texas Highpower Rifle Championship 23-25 October (in conjunction with the SR Champ) – program here

Intersted in competing? Come out to a match, introduce yourself and we will set up a time/date to give you a detailed orientation.

Intro to Competition

Competition is a great way to hone and improve your marksmanship skills. PCGC hosts monthly highpower (also called across-the-course, XTC) and mid-range (MR) prone matches. We would like you to join us or at least come out, watch a (portion of) a match, and come back and shoot with us. If there is enough interest, a “basics of competition” clinic can also be arranged.

The XTC matches are fired with either service rifles or match rifles. The course of fire is as follows: slow-fire standing at 200 yards, rapid-fire sitting at 200-yards, rapid-fire prone at 300 yards, and slow-fire prone at 600 yards. The following articles describe these types of rifles: Service Rifle Match Rifle

MR Prone matches are fired with service rifles, match rifles, tactical rifle, and F-class rifles. The latter two rifle types are described here: Tactical Rifle F-Class Rifle. The course of fire is slow-fire prone at 300, 500, and/or 600 yards.

PCGC also occasionally hosts smallbore rifle (.22) prone matches (50 yards) and bullseye (aka precision) pistol matches (25 and 50 yards). Be sure to check out the schedule of matches for currently planned events and check the homepage for new announcements.