Brenzovich Firearms to be at the Highpower Regional 3-5 May

Brenzovich Firearms will be at the Highpower Regional 3-5 May.  They will be offering a discount to all Club members and all participants in the Regional matches.  This is a great opportunity to pick up gloves, slings, mats, get measured for a custom-fitted shooting jacket, and so forth.  Check out their website to see their selection of Kurt Thune, MEC, Lapua, and other products.  If you have questions about their products or want to pre-order something in advance, contact Brenzovich Firearms here.

PCGC is hosting a Regional highpower match 3-5 May.  Registration is limited to 64 competitors so don’t delay.  Send in your registration form and individual entries ASAP.  A late fee will be assessed for any entries received after 1 May.

See the events page here for the program, registration form, and additional information.