2020 Schedule of Matches

PCGC is excited to announce its schedule of matches for 2020. We will be holding a Mid-Range Regional in which, as an NRA registered match, scores will be eligible for national records. Additionally, several classics such as a 1,000 point aggregate (across the course) as well Garand, Springfield, and Vintage rifle matches and pistol (along with rifle) Excellence-In-Competition (EIC aka LEG) matches.

See here for a list of the matches. Also check out the website calendar Upcoming Events and change “view as” to list or month, depending upon your preference.

Programs are available as follows:

Monthly Highpower Matches; Monthly Mid-Range Prone Matches; Mid-Range Prone Regional; Highpower Extravaganza Pre-registration is open for the Regional and Extravaganza so get your entries in before the range is at capacity!

Also scheduled is the Texas Service Rifle Championship 29-31 May; program will be posted when available.

Intersted in competing? Come out to a match, introduce yourself and we will set up a time/date to give you a detailed orientation.