MR Range Prone Regional Results

Friday’s Team match started out a little crisp, but warmed up nicely with some challenging mirage switches later in the day. Final team results are here.

Saturday started a little warmer than Friday, but jackets were still in fashion. Lighting conditions were a little tougher today, but lots of high X counts, not to mention scores. Let’s see who keeps it together for the final aggregate at the end of Sunday. Day 1 scores are here.

Sunday arrivals were mostly in the dark thanks to the time change, but the day was clear which provided good lighting for the start of the match. A strong breeze came in around lunch-time which stirred things up a bit, still calm heads prevailed and Day 2 scores were high as evidenced here.

Grand Aggregate results here (updated 3/23).

Photos: Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team Awards Indiv 1 Indiv 2 Indiv Awards