CMP Home Range Appreciation Series: 3-6 September

PCGC’s Highpower Extravaganza has been expanded and revised in order to participate in the CMP Home Range Appreciation Series. The revised program is here (updated 4 June). There will be highpower across the course matches; rifle and pistol Excellence in Competition (EIC) aka LEG matches (2 different days); and Garand/Springfield/Military rifle matches (2 different days). Come out and join in one or all of the events. Entries and payment must be received by 31 August.

So what is the Home Range Appreciation Series? Well, to fill the void of the unfortunate withdrawal of the 2020 National Matches from the annual schedule, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) have prepared a solution that will allow competitors to compete with one another during the summer months, from the comfort of their local ranges. The top scoring individuals across the U.S. will be invited to shoot against each other at the CMP’s Range in Talladega, AL, in November. For more details on the Series, see here.