2021 Schedule of Matches

PCGC is excited to announce its 2021 Schedule of Highpower Matches: here. (revised 11/25/20)

Highpower across the course and prone shooting will continue to be the first full weekend of the month with some exceptions as detailed in the schedule. The PCGC Annual Meeting of its members will be held Saturday, 3 July.

NEW: Smallbore prone matches will debut at PCGC – specific dates TBD

Big events include:

  • Four States Two Man Team Match (6-7 March);
  • NRA Highpower Regional with M1 Garand and EIC matches (4-6 June);
  • CMP Highpower Extravaganza with M1A, M1 Garand, and EIC matches (3-6 September); and
  • NRA Mid-Range Prone Regional (4-7 November).

Programs will be published as soon as they are available.