2023 Competitions

2023 Matches are shown below and a the summary is here (revised 4/3). Read the match programs (accessed via hyperlinks) for entry, time, and other information. The entrance gate will be unlocked ~ 30 minutes prior to match start and locked right before the match begins. Close the gate behind you entering/leaving the range. Current editions of rulebooks can be found here (NRA) and here (CMP). Use hyperlinks in table below to access the match program(s).

 Highpower XTC programMid-Range Prone programSmallbore Prone program Other / “Big” Match
(9 am)
7th (CMP)8th (NRA)28th (NRA) 
February (9 am)4th (NRA)5th (CMP)25th (NRA) 
March4th (CMP)5th (Club)18th (Club) 3/25-26: 4 States 2-Man Team Championship program & fillable entry
Aprilothernoneother 3/31 – 4/2: TSRA SR Championship program/entry & 4/22-23: Smallbore Prone Regional program/entry (rev 2/11)
4/29 (Sat) Work day – all ranges: targets, road, berm
May6th (NRA)7th (CMP)none 5/20-21: TX Service Rifle Team practice
June3rd (Club, 50 shot)4th (Club)none 6/24-25: TX Service Rifle Team practice
Julynone1st (CMP) & 2nd (NRA)none 7/8-9: TX Service Rifle Team practice
Augustnone5th & 6th (both NRA)none 
Septemberother2nd & 3rd (Club)none9/22-24: TSRA HP Championship Program/Entry (updated 230915)
– 30 Sept-1 Oct: TSRA Mid-Range Prone Championship Program w/ link to Entry
Octobernoneother28th (NRA)– 7 Oct (Saturday): Long-range Clinic & Fullbore (300,500,600) open to all, especially non-competitors
– 28-29 Oct: TSRA CMP Games Championship program w/link to entry – This match is at Terrell Rifle & Pistol Club. Shoot your M1, Springfield, Vintage or modern military rifle AND pistol EICs (service, rimfire, service revolver).
November4th (NRA)5th (NRA)25th (NRA) 
December (9 am)2nd (CMP)3rd (CMP)30th (Club) 
Overview of the 2023 Matches. Use hyperlinks to access the match programs