Membership Information

Please review the current club by-laws:

Panola Gun Club bylaws_201807

The following proposed bylaws, PCGC bylaws_for 6 OCT vote, will be voted upon at the special meeting to be held on 6 October at the 600 yard line approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the high-power match that day.  All active members should have received notice, by mail, of this meeting.  If you are an active member and did not receive notice, please complete the contact form below and provide your current email and mailing address so that a club officer can contact you.  If you are an active member and cannot attend, you may nominate a proxy.  Submit the proxy name to the club Secretary no later than midnight 4 October.

To get more information about joining our club download the pcgc_membership2018

To have one of the Club Officers contact you please fill out the contact form below.