Mid-Range Prone Program

Please download our 2021 Mid-Range Prone Program here.

For a quick reference, the Mid-Range Prone matches will be held as follows:

Match Dates/Rules

Course of Fire

January 3/CMP

3×20, all 600 yds

February 7/NRA

3×20, all 600 yds

March 6-7

Four States, Two-Man Team Championship; Separate program here.  Pre-registration is required.

April 11/CMP

3×20, all 600 yds

May 2/NRA

3×20, all 600 yds

June 7

No Mid-Range; NRA HP XTC Regional.  Separate program HERE

July 3 & 4/CMP

both days 3×20, all 600 yds; PCGC Annual Meeting following match on 3rd

August 8 (not sanctioned)

3×20, all 600 yds

September 6

No Mid-Range; HP XTC CMP Extravaganza; Separate program HERE

October 3/CMP

3×20, all 600 yds

November 4-7/NRA

Mid-Range Prone Regional; Separate program here. Pre-registration is required.

December 5/CMP

3×20, all 600 yds