Mid-Range Prone Program

Please download our 2023 Mid-Range Prone Program here.  These are CMP or NRA sanctioned matches 3×600 yards, as indicated in program, or CLUB (non-sanctioned) matches.

Club Championship: (NEW in 2023) Any competitor who is a club member and shoots in three (3) or more monthly matches will have their highest three scores combined and be eligible for a club championship award. The tabulation will be done via percentage with X count used as a tie breaker. The winners will be determined at the conclusion of the December matches. The competitor must be a club member to be eligible to win the Club Championship trophy. There will be separate trophies for the F-Class and Target Rifle (sling) winners. 

For a quick reference, the Mid-Range Prone matches will be held as follows:

8 January, 9 am start, NRA sanctioned

5 February, 9 am start, CMP sanctioned

5 March, 8 am start, Club match

25-26 March, 4 States, Two-Man team match (separate program governs & pre-registration is required)

April, no mid-range prone matches.

7 May, 8 am start, CMP sanctioned

4 June, 8 am start, Club match

1 & 2 July, 8 am start, Saturday CMP sanctioned and Sunday NRA sanctioned).  NOTE: The annual meeting of PCGC will be held on Saturday, 1 July ~ 1 p.m.

5 & 6 August (both Saturday and Sunday), 8 am start, both NRA sanctioned.

2 & 3 September (both Saturday and Sunday), 8 am start, both Club matches.

7 October (Saturday), 8 am start, clinic and Fullbore prone match (15 shots & 2 convertible sighters at each yard line: 300, 500, and 600 yards)

8 October (Sunday0, 8 am start, NRA sanctioned (resume normal mid-range prone course of fire, 3×600 yards).

5 November, 9 am start, CMP sanctioned

3 December, 9 am start, CMP sanctioned