Upcoming Competitions – last of 2022

  • Smallbore Prone: 26 November, Saturday: CANCELLED due to weather (updated 11/25, 1935)
  • Highpower Across the Course: 3 December, Saturday, 800 point. Registration closes at 7:30 & match begins by 8 a.m.
  • Highpower Mid-Range Prone (3×600 yards): 4 December, Sunday. Registration closes at 7:30 & match begins by 8 a.m.

Sunday, 25 December: Merry Christmas

  • Smallbore Prone: 31 December, Saturday, 1200 point Set-up TBD.

reminder, Range Access: Entrance gate will be unlocked ~ 1 hour prior to match start time.  Close gate behind you.  Gate will be locked ~ when the first competitors go to the pits.

2023 Competitions

2023 Matches are shown below and a the summary is here. Read the match programs (accessed via hyperlinks) for entry, time, and other information. The entrance gate will be unlocked ~ 1 hour prior to match start and locked right before the match begins. Close the gate behind you.

 Highpower XTC Mid-Range ProneSmallbore ProneOther / “Big” Match
(9 am)
7th (CMP)8th (NRA)28th (NRA) 
February (9 am)4th (NRA)5th (CMP)25th (NRA) 
March4th (CMP)5th (Club)18th (Club)3/25-26: 4 States 2-Man Team
Aprilothernoneother3/31 – 4/2: TSRA SR Champ. & 4/22-23: Smallbore Prone Regional
May6th (NRA)7th (CMP)20th (NRA)5/20-21: TX Service Rifle Team practice
June3rd (Club, 50 shot)4th (Club)none6/24-25: TX Service Rifle Team practice
Julynone1st (CMP) & 2nd (NRA)none7/8-9: TX Service Rifle Team practice
Augustnone5th & 6th (both NRA)none 
Septemberother2nd & 3rd (Club)30th (Club)9/22-24: TSRA HP Championship
Octobernone7th (NRA Fullbore) & 8th(CMP)28th (NRA)10/7: Intro clinic prone & match
November4th (NRA)5th (NRA)25th (NRA) 
December (9 am)2nd (CMP)3rd (CMP)30th (Club) 
Overview of the 2023 Matches. Use hyperlinks to access the match programs

2022 Competitions

The highpower competitions (across-the course (XTC) and Mid-Range (MR) prone) schedule overview is here (this shows you all the matches at the range). The monthly XTC program is here. The monthly MR prone program is here (corrected 1/18/22). Note: CMP and NRA rules for MR sighters are now the same: unlimited first string, 2 on subsequent strings.

“Big” matches at PCGC and their programs are as follows:

NEW!! 15-16 October: TSRA Garand Championship with Pistol EICs. Program/entry. Note this match will be held at the Terrell Rifle & Pistol Club – not at PCGC in Carthage.

28-30 October: TSRA Service Rifle Championship with Pistol EICs. Program/entry (updated 14 Aug)

Results for completed 2022 “Big” matches can be found here. Those matches were:

  • Four States, Two-Man Team match, 5-6 March 2022
  • Highpower Extravaganza with Rifle and Pistol EICs, 1-3 April
  • TSRA Highpower Championship, 20-22 May

Smallbore prone matches program is here. Note: Revised match dates to after the monthly XTC match on 7 May and 4 June. Future revisions to dates in the program will be posted.

Rulebook links are here: NRA and CMP. For ease of reference, an extract of the 2022 CMP Pistol rules specific to EIC matches is here.

Championships at Nearby Ranges:

  • Completed: Apr 28-May 1, Texas LR Championship @ Bayou Rifle Club, Juliff Range, Houston, Program
  • Completed: 16-19 September, Louisiana Long-Range Championship, @ Long Range Alley, Grand Cane, Program or here;
  • Completed: 24 September: Golden Triangle Gun Club (Beaumont) NRA Registered Mid-Range Prone Match fundraiser for purchase of E-targets. Program
  • 7-9 October, Texas Mid-Range Championship @ Bayou Rifle Club, Juliff Range Houston, Program.
  • New!! 14-16 October, LA State Highpower Championship @ Palo Alto Club in Donaldsonville, LA, Program.


Panola County Gun Club is proudly affiliated with the following organizations who support and defend our Constitutional Rights to own firearms, promote firearm safety, and marksmanship training.

The National Rifle Association. Become a member here (discounted rates) and/or donate here. Check your classification here.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program. Obtain a competition tracker number (CT#) here to check your classification and/or donate here.

The Texas State Rifle Association; become a member here and/or donate here.

Rick Crawford Trophy: Texas Service Rifle Championship Trophy – link to unveiling video (October 2010) here

Why Competition? and An introduction

Whether you are a plinker, a hunter, or just interested in proficiency, come compete with us! Competition is a great way to improve your marksmanship skills and reinforce safe, responsible firearm handling. The links below are to articles and are meant to peak your interest in some type of competitive shooting discipline (at least those hosted by PCGC). There is a lot more information that can be provided so reach out to us by completing the contact form found at this link. We would like you to join us or at least come out, watch a (portion of) a match, and come back and shoot with us. If there is enough interest, a “basics of competition” clinic can also be arranged. Be sure to check out the schedule of matches for currently planned events and check the homepage for new announcements.

Parents read this article about why a teen-aged female loves to compete. Hunters read this article for an example of how competition improved the skills of these hunters.

PCGC hosts monthly matches for both highpower and mid-range prone. Additionally, smallbore rifle (.22 LR) prone matches (50 and 100 yards) are held 8-10 months out of the year. Finally, bullseye (aka precision) pistol matches (25 and 50 yards) are currently held three times a year in conjunction with big championship matches. If you have interest in a competitive discipline not listed/described, let us know.

The highpower aka across the course (XTC) matches are fired with either service rifles or match rifles. The course of fire is as follows: slow-fire standing at 200 yards, rapid-fire sitting at 200-yards, rapid-fire prone at 300 yards, and slow-fire prone at 600 yards. This article provides an overview of XTC competitions. The following articles describe these types of rifles: Service Rifle, Match Rifle

Mid-Range (MR) Prone matches are fired with service rifles, match rifles, Palma rifle, tactical rifle, and F-class rifles. The latter three rifle types are described here: Palma Rifle, Tactical Rifle, F-Class Rifle. The course of fire is slow-fire prone at 300, 500, and/or 600 yards. Some interesting facts about F-Class shooting are found here.

An overview of shooting fundamentals – for both rifle and pistol – is found here. Looking to improve your skills? Read this article for general tips; this article for quick tips; this article for offhand (standing) shooting; this article from the 2012 F/TR Champion; and finally, the three part series on “Climbing the Highpower Ladder from Marksman to Master and More”: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. If you are shooting an iron sight on your service rifle, read this article. If you need info on how to transform your iron sight service rifle to a flat-top upper for a scope, read this article.

Both the XTC and MR prone matches require operating targets in the pits. Learn about what it means to be in the pits (where the targets are pulled and scored) by reading this article.

Smallbore rifle (.22 rimfire caliber) can be shoot in multiple positions (standing, sitting or kneeling, and/or prone) or off a rest (some type of bag and/or a bipod). PCGC only runs smallbore prone matches at this time.

An overview of bullseye pistol competition is found here.

Finally, know the rules for the competition(s) you participate in. Links to the sanctioning body rulebooks are here: NRA and CMP. The rulebooks go into detail about how a match is run, what the competitor’s responsibilities are, what can and cannot be challenged, what type of gear is allowed, and the particulars about the rifle/pistol used in the discipline.

Again, reach out to us by completing the contact form found at this link.