Remaining 2021 Matches

PCGC wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Smallbore (.22) Rifle prone: Saturday, 27 November. Arrive by 8 a.m.

December: Highpower rifle, Saturday 4 December and Mid-Range Prone, Sunday 5 December. Registration closes at 7:30 a.m. both days.

No smallbore rifle in December.

Programs for 2022 matches will be out soon…

2021 Matches

PCGC is excited to announce its 2021 Schedule of Highpower Matches: here. (revised 11/25/20). Programs for the monthly matches are as follows:

The PCGC Annual Meeting of its members will be held Saturday, 3 July

All match results (monthly and “big”) are in the archives here

Other “big” events include:

  • (completed) Four States Two Man Team Match (6-7 March); Program and Entry Form
  • (completed) Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) Highpower Rifle Championships (19-21 March): Program/Entry Form
  • (completed) NRA Highpower Regional with M1 Garand and EIC matches (4-6 June): Program/Entry Form (updated 210110)
  • (completed) CMP Highpower Extravaganza with M1A, M1 Garand, and EIC matches (3-6 September): Program/Entry Form (revised 7/12/2021 – no pistol EICs)
  • (completed) Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) Service Rifle Championship (16-17 October): Revised dates; Program/EntryForm. Pistol and rifle EICs were held in conjunction with this match.
  • (cancelled) NRA Mid-Range Prone Regional (4-7 November). There will be club prone matches on Saturday and Sunday, 6th & 7th, 3 x 600 yards. Come for one or both days. Reminder that daylight savings occurs this weekend, so move your clocks back one hour Saturday night. Registration ends at 7:30 a.m. both days.

Bayou Rifles, Inc. will be hosting: (completed) TSRA Long Range Championship (30 Apr – 2 May); the TSRA Mid-Range Prone Championship (12-14 Nov), among others.

Interested in competing? Come out to a match, introduce yourself and we will set up a time/date to give you a detailed orientation.


Panola County Gun Club is proudly affiliated with the following organizations who support and defend our Constitutional Rights to own firearms, promote firearm safety, and marksmanship training.

The National Rifle Association. Become a member here (discounted rates) and/or donate here. Check your classification here.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program. Obtain a competition tracker number (CT#) here to check your classification and/or donate here.

The Texas State Rifle Association; become a member here and/or donate here.

Intro to Competition

Competition is a great way to hone and improve your marksmanship skills. PCGC hosts monthly highpower (also called across-the-course, XTC) and mid-range (MR) prone matches. We would like you to join us or at least come out, watch a (portion of) a match, and come back and shoot with us. If there is enough interest, a “basics of competition” clinic can also be arranged.

The XTC matches are fired with either service rifles or match rifles. The course of fire is as follows: slow-fire standing at 200 yards, rapid-fire sitting at 200-yards, rapid-fire prone at 300 yards, and slow-fire prone at 600 yards. The following articles describe these types of rifles: Service Rifle Match Rifle

MR Prone matches are fired with service rifles, match rifles, tactical rifle, and F-class rifles. The latter two rifle types are described here: Tactical Rifle F-Class Rifle. The course of fire is slow-fire prone at 300, 500, and/or 600 yards.

PCGC also occasionally hosts smallbore rifle (.22) prone matches (50 yards) and bullseye (aka precision) pistol matches (25 and 50 yards). Be sure to check out the schedule of matches for currently planned events and check the homepage for new announcements.