2024 Competitions

  • PCGC is proudly affiliated with Texas State Rifle Association, the National Rifle Association, and the Civilian Marksmanship Program. See here for membership and other information about these organizations.
  • Competitions calendars here. Highpower (XTC & MR) also in table below.
  • Smallbore match dates: 1/13; 2/10; 3/9; 4/13; 5/18; 9/14; 10/12; 11/16; 12/21
  • Programs: monthly matches XTC and MR prone and smallbore prone. Programs for the “big” matches are in the table below.
  • The entrance gate will be unlocked ~ 30 minutes prior to match start and locked right before the match begins. Close the gate behind you entering/leaving the range.
  • Current editions of rulebooks can be found here (NRA) and here (CMP).
  • Past results can be found here; matches are organized by year.
  • Directions to the range and information about Panola County & Carthage (dining, lodging, attractions) can be found here.
XTCMR 3×600MR 3, 5, 600Other
January6 (9am)7 (9am) 6th XTC: 50 NMC “Retro” match 30cal / post sights
February3 (9am)None4 (9am)23-25: 4States2ManTm (all 600yd)
April6 & target build7 & target buildNone27-28: NRA MR Regional (rev 3/24; all 600yd)
Maysee otherNoneNone3-5: TSRA SR Champ (w EICs) rev 0401
Junesee other9None31May-2Jun: NRA HP XTC Reg (w EICs)
July67None6th XTC: 50 NMC & Annual Club Mtg & Picnic
September71 & 8None 
October5 Club Ch6 Club ChNone 
December7 (9am)8 (9am)None 
2024 Panola County Gun Club Highpower Matches Calendar
  • TSRA Highpower Championship will be hosted by the Temple club 29-30 June; program/entry here
  • XTC matches hosted by other clubs in TX, LA, and MS: calendar and links to ranges here.