Area Competition Ranges and Old Website Links

Other Competition Ranges:

2024 calendar of XTC matches in TX, LA, and MS here

Bayou Rifles, Inc.: located in the Houston, TX area.  Hosts pistol and smallbore at the Addicks range on the west side of Houston and highpower (across the course and prone, with pits out to 1,000 yards) at the Juliff range south of Houston.

Golden Triangle Gun Club: located in Beaumont, TX, holds a variety of pistol and rifle (only highpower prone is shot at 600 yards) matches.

Greenwood Gun Club: located in Brazoria, TX, holds archery, black powder, pistol, rifle (out to 600 yards) and shotgun matches.

Long Range Alley Gun Club: in Grand Cane, LA, just south of Shreveport,  holds highpower prone matches (pits out to 1,000 yards).  The matches are run by the Long Range Shooters of Louisiana (LRS-LA , see their website for match information).

Oklahoma City Gun Club: in Arcadia, OK, north and slightly east of Oklahoma City, hosts an impressive number of competitions in almost every shooting discipline from Long Range (1000 yards) rifle to highpower and silhouette rifle, action and bullseye pistol, cowboy action, air gun, archery, benchers and more.  See here for disciplines and contacts.

South Texas Marksmanship Training Center: located in the San Antonio, TX area, hosts highpower (pits out to 500 yards), smallbore, and pistol matches.

Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club: located in Terrell, TX, hosts highpower (200 yard walk and paste), smallbore, and pistol matches.

Temple Gun Club: located in Temple, TX, hosts highpower (to 500 yards) across the course (2nd Saturday) and mid-range prone (3rd Saturday) and other disciplines.  Bring a wifi capable device to display target and score.

Want to get to the old PCGC site?  It’s still mostly functional and you can access it here: