Membership Information

Panola County Gun Club is a members only club.  Day passes are not available.

Non-members are welcome at any competition, but must arrive prior to registration ending for entry.  Contact Club leadership, see here, if you have questions.

To join the Club:

  1. Download the Membership Application, provided the requested information, and mail the completed application and dues to the address in the application.  Dues requirements are spelled out in the application.
  2. Members must also be a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).  If you are not a member already, you may join by the NRA, through the link here.  This link will give you a discounted rate.
  3. Members must also read and agree to abide by the Club by-laws; the current Club by-laws are here: PCGC Bylaws (effective June 18, 2019).
  4. Members must abide by any additional rules and regulations agreed upon by the Board of Directors; the additional rules are here (effective June 11, 2020).  These rules concern prohibitions on alcohol and other perception altering substances; caliber restrictions and limitations; the use of the 600-yard range; use of electronic targets on the 600-yard range.

If you have additional questions on membership or any other question/concern, please send an email to the Club leadership; contact info here.