Across the Course: Program -Feb 5, too cold –May 7June 4Oct 1Nov 5Dec 3

Mid-Range Prone: Program (corrected 1/18/22) -Jan 2 became cold weather practice –Feb 6May 8June 5 -July 2 rained out –July 3Aug 6Aug 7Sept 3Sept 4Oct 2Nov 6 Dec 4

Four-States, Two-Man Team Championship, March 5-6: Program/Entry Final Scores/Grand Aggregate: All Rifles; Target Rifle only; F/TR only; F/O only. Updated listing of previous Team Championship winners here.

Highpower Extravaganza, April 1-3: Program/EntryPres MatchITT ChallengeXTC Magnificent 7Rifle EICRimfire Pistol EICService Pistol EIC

Smallbore prone: Program -22 Jan, weather canx –27 Feb26 Mar23 Apr7 May4 Jun no Sept match –22 Oct rev -26 Nov, weather canx – 31 Dec

TSRA Highpower Championship (22-22 May): Program/EntryTeam MatchG/S/MM -Highpower Championship by class by rank – EIC matches: Rifle, Rimfire Pistol, Service Pistol

TSRA Garand Championships (15-16 October, held at Terrell Rifle & Pistol): Results

TSRA Service Rifle Championship (28-30 October): Program/EntryTeam Match; SR Champ by class and by rank and Governor’s 20. EIC matches: Rifle; Rimfire Pistol; Service Pistol